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T-Bone is one of the friends of Clifford the Big Read Dog in the TV series of same name.

He is a yellow bulldog under the ownership of Birdwell Island Police Sheriff Lewis.

He was at first afraid of Clifford due to his great size, but the two soon became good friends.


Like Clifford and his other friends, T-Bone is rather kind and playful. He can also be described as shy, clumsy and cautious. Although he can be brave when he has to be.

When he was a puppy, T-Bone was friends with another bulldog named Hamburger, who moved away a few years before Clifford came to Birdwell Island. After getting over his fear of Clifford's size, he and T-Bone became friends and even found ways to play together despite their different sizes.

One game that T-Bone often plays with his friends involves him wearing a blue cape and pretending to be a superhero called Super T-Bone.

T-Bone, like most dogs, has a rather large appetite.

Weight GainEdit

Interestingly enough, T-Bone has in fact gained weight more times than Clifford in the TV series.

The first and most well-known was in the episode: "Tummy Trouble", where he and Clifford ate four containers of Bowser Bites dog treats and both got stomachaches.

T-Bone also gained weight in the episode: "Clifford's Cookie Craving". After finding discovering a giant cookie at a carnival, the dogs ended up eating the entire cookie in an attempt to even it out after a piece fell off. While Clifford could eat most of the cookie himself, T-Bone ended up rather full.

Finally, T-Bone became very full after eating alot of ice cream that had spilled in the episode: "Screaming For Ice Cream". Even vowing he never wanted to eat ice cream again.