This is a list of subjects that are here to display info on weight gain. Subject names in pink boxes are female, names in purple boxes indicates a group with both male and female subjects.

All subjects listed here have been shown to be prone to the effects of Faimynite.

Name Media Species
Ranjan Jungle Book Human
Baloo Jungle Book Bear
Mowgli Jungle Book Human
Ash Ketchum Pokemon Human
Max Pokemon Human
Young Link Legend of Zelda Hylian
Dennis Mitchell Dennis the Menace Human
Russell McLean Red and Rover Human
Rover Red and Rover Dog
Adam Newman Adam@Home Human
Clayton Newman Adam@Home Human
Michael Patterson For Better or For Worse Human
Peter Fox Foxtrot Human
Jason Fox Foxtrot Human
Garfield Garfield Cat
Ginger Meggs Ginger Meggs Human
Charlie Brown Peanuts Human
Linus Van Pelt Peanuts Human
Rerun Van Pelt Peanuts Human
Snoopy Peanuts Dog
Alix Stone Stone Soup Human
Hamish MacPherson Baby Blues Human
Family Circus Children Family Circus Human
Hamlet Hagar the Horrible Human
Chip Hi and Lois Human
Dot and Ditto Hi and Lois Human
Trixie Hi and Lois Human
Tommy Pickles Rugrats/All Grown Up! Human
Dil Pickles Rugrats/All Grown Up! Human
Philip DeVille Rugrats/All Grown Up! Human
Harold Berman Hey Arnold! Human
Wolfgang Hey Arnold! Human
Oswald Rocket Rocket Power Human
Maurice Rodriguez Rocket Power Human
Samuel Dullard Rocket Power Human
Timmy Turner Fairly OddParents Human
Chester McBadbat Fairly OddParents Human
A.J. Fairly OddParents Human
Tad and Chad Fairly OddParents Human
Francis Fairly OddParents Human
Rudolph Tabootie Chalkzone Human
James Neutron Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Human
Tucker Carbuckle My Life as a Teenage Robot Human
Daniel Fenton Danny Phantom Human/Ghost Hybrid
Dashiel Baxter Danny Phantom Human
Kwan Danny Phantom Human
Youngblood Danny Phantom Ghost
Aang Last Airbender Human
Sokka Last Airbender Human
Toph Bei Fong Last Airbender Human
Truman X The X's Human
Manny Rivera El Tigre Human
Tak Tak and the Power of Juju Human
Jeera Tak and the Power of Juju Human
Keeko Tak and the Power of Juju Human
Duke Back at the Barnyard Dog
Benjamin Higgenbottom Mighty B! Human
Happy Mighty B! Dog
Dudley Puppy TUFF Puppy Dog
Fredward Benson iCarly Human
Gibby Gibson iCarly Human
Ned Bigby Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Human
Benjamin Tennyson Ben 10 Human
Mac Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Human
Adam Lyon My Gym Partner's a Monkey Human
Tommy Turnbull Robotboy Human
Augustus Turner Robotboy Human
Ron Stoppable Kim Possible Human
Wade Load Kim Possible Human
Jim and Tim Possible Kim Possible Human
Lilo Pelekai Lilo and Stitch Human
Jacob Long American Dragon: Jake Long Human
Arthur Spudinski American Dragon: Jake Long Human
Fu Dog American Dragon: Jake Long Dog
Zack and Cody Martin Suite Life of Zack and Cody Human
Todd Daring-Fleem Replacements Human
Buford Van Stomm Phineas and Ferb Human
Django Brown Phineas and Ferb Human
Max Russo Wizards of Waverly Place Human
Arthur Read Arthur Aardvark
Buster Baxter Arthur Rabbit
Alan Powers Arthur Bear
Shelley Barnes Arthur Dog
Timmy and Tommy Tibble Arthur Bear
TJ Botsford Wordgirl Human
Captain Huggyface Wordgirl Monkey
Ruff Ruffman FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman Dog
FETCH! Contestants FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman Human
Martha Martha Speaks Dog
T.D. Kennelly Martha Speaks Human
Miguel Santos Maya and Miguel Human
Tito Chavez Maya and Miguel Human
George Curious George Monkey
Koopalings Super Mario Bros. Koopa
Link/Wolf Link Legend of Zelda Hylian/Twili Hybrid
Toon Link Legend of Zelda Hylian
Killer Bees Gang Legend of Zelda Human
Komali Legend of Zelda Ruto
Gorons Legend of Zelda Goron
Links Legend of Zelda Hylian
Midno Legend of Zelda Twili
Ordon Children Legend of Zelda Human
Ilia Legend of Zelda Human
Ralis Legend of Zelda Zora
Kirby Kirby Kirby
Tuff Kirby Unknown
Lucas Earthbound Human
Roy Fire Emblem Human
Pit Kid Icarus Angel
Dark Pit Kid Icarus Angel
Munchlax/Snorlax Pokemon Pokemon
Tracey Sketchit Pokemon Human
Kenny Pokemon Human
Max Dragon Tales Human
Clifford Clifford: The Big Red Dog Dog
T-Bone Clifford: The Big Red Dog Dog
Vaz Clifford: The Big Red Dog Human
Peter Pan Pater Pan Human
Michael Darling Peter Pan Human
Rolly 101 Dalmatians Dog
Arthur Pendragon Sword in the Stone Human
Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh Bear
Christopher Robin Winnie the Pooh Human
Cody Rescuers Human
Simba Lion King Lion
Tarzan Tarzan Human
Terkina Tarzan Gorilla
Tipo Emperor's New Groove Human
Bolt Bolt Dog
Andrew Davis Toy Story Human
Bonnie Anderson Toy Story Human
Dashiell Parr Incredibles Human
Emile Ratatouille Rat
Russell Up Human
Snotlout Jorgenson How to Train Your Dragon Human
Alakay/Alex Madagascar Lion
Po Kung Fu Panda Bear
Christopher Thorndyke Sonic the Hedgehog Human
Silver the Hedgehog Sonic the Hedgehog Hedgehog
Miles Prower Sonic the Hedgehog Fox
Charmy Bee Sonic the Hedgehog Bee
Naruto Uzumaki Naruto Human
Kiba Inuzuka Naruto Human
Lan Hikari Megaman Human
Dingo Megaman Human
Dex Oyama Megaman Human
J.P. Shibayama Digimon Human
Tommy Himi Digimon Human
Taichi Kamiya Digimon Human
Yamato Ishida Digimon Human
Takeru Takaishi Digimon Human
Haruyuki Arita Accel World Human
Hikaru Shindo Hikaru no Go Human
Fox McCloud StarFox Fox
Lil' Evil Sinfest Human
Kuron Tribe N/A Kuron
Ragamoffs N/A Ragamoff
Obeseneros N/A Obesenero
Zac Effron N/A Human
Bamm-Bamm Rubble The Flintstones Human
Tom (Tom and Jerry) Tom and Jerry Cat
Jerry (Tom and Jerry) Tom and Jerry Mouse
Scooby-Doo Scooby-Doo Dog
Shaggy Rogers Scooby-Doo Human
Yogi and Boo-Boo Bear Yogi Bear Bear
Elroy Jetson The Jetsons Human
Astro (Jetsons) The Jetsons Dog
Toby Tenma/Astro Boy Astro Boy Human/Android
Heff T. Super Mario Bros. Toad (Mushroom)
Gourmet Guy Super Mario Bros. Shy Guy
Diddy Kong Donkey Kong Monkey
Justin Bieber N/A Human
Jacee Badeaux N/A Human
Goonies Goonies Human
Greg, Peter and Robert Brady Brady Bunch Human