Hunger Types are categories given to the characters on this site. They describe the character's motivation for food.

Sweet Tooth

Characters with a Sweet Tooth hunger type are often young children who love candy, cake, chocolate, etc. They often gain weight by (eventually) getting their hands on a bunch of sweets.


Characters with a Hunter hunger type are typically feral. As the name implies, they like to hunt live prey, (usually it's their only method of survival) and eat the meat of their kill. At times, they will go for the prey who are bigger and slower (sometimes resulting in the Hunter becoming bigger and slower).

High Metabolism

Characters with a High Metabolism will often eat large amounts of food, but they won't even gain an ounce. This hunger type is often given to characters who are teenagers who enter the "Growing Boy" stage of their life. While they may become bloated after a serious binge, they are likely to lose the extra weight shortly after.

Food Lover

Very similar to the HIgh Metabolism hunger type, characters with Food Lover hunger types often eat large amounts of food, only they don't lose the extra weight so easily. They usually prefer quantity over quality, but there are some who eat food only for its great taste.


The Competitive hunger type is given to characters who don't normally eat large amounts of food, but when challenged to eating contests, they accept, thinking it will be easy. They often end up bloated and sick, even to the point of losing the contest, however there are some that just barely win.

Poor Child

A rare hunger type given to (as the name implies) children or otherwise suffering from poverty. With the lack of wealth their families have, they rarely get fed as often as normal children. However, there are times that the family suddenly becomes wealthy and the children take it upon themselves to live life LARGER (namely, eating their fill of delicious food).

Well Fed

Characters with Well Fed hunger types are usually people who know someone (relative or close friend) that makes addictively delicious food. Children with very caring grandparents (or even just parents) often have this hunger type.

Husbands/Boyfriends with Wives/Girlfriends who are talented cooks also often have this hunger type. At times a Wife/Girlfriend tries to cook editable meals for their love, but noticeably fail. Not wanting to offend their Wife/Girlfriend, the Husband/Boyfriends eats the entire meal anyway (often getting sick). Sometimes thinking their love enjoys her cooking, the Wife/Girlfriend prepares more in-editable food, resulting in the Husband/Boyfriend eating until he is bloated and sick (but still not revealing any dis-comfort to his Wife/Girlfriend).