Fine-Cut Faimynite

Faimynite (pronounced Fay-mee-night) is a psychoactive artificial mineral comprised of mostly sugar crystal and mixed with multiple chemicals of currently unknown origin.

The mineral itself manifests a pale greenish crystal that resembles gem stone, and also produces an odd pink glow. While the mineral is highly radioactive on the molecular scale, it is quite harmless to most living organisms. However, faimynite is well known to have rather peculiar effects on certain sentient life forms such as humans.


Faimynite is easily distinct by its sea green color and pale pink glow. Because the mineral is mostly made up of sugar crystal, faimynite is very fragile and can break easily. Faimynite can also dissolve completely when submersed in water or other liquids, but it still retains its psychoactive qualities (see Effects below).

While delicate, faimynite can be carved into numerous shapes for decorative or deceptive purposes.


While the radiation properties of the mineral are virtually harmless, it can still seems to cause odd effects to certain life forms.

When exposed to faimynite by simply being close to it can cause one or more individuals to develop an intense desire for food, causing the ones exposed to feel completely famished. These effects are shown to last only for a short time and don't typically happen again (even if exposed again) until approximately 24 hours after the exposure.

The amount of faimynite one is exposed to has no difference in terms of potency. However if dissolved in liquid, one would have to make direct contact with said liquid in order for the effects to take place.

Even though faimynite has been shown to be most effective on mammals, only specific individuals are seen to have been effected by the mineral (i.e. one human would feel the effects while a different one may not. For a list of those who can be effected, see List of Subjects).

Faimynite can also be consumed, although, this is considered extremely dangerous. Ingesting a sufficient amount of the mineral could result in the consumer (if effectible) becoming unsatisfyingly hungry, causing the subject to eat continuously, even if they are painfully stuffed. This only lasts until the faimynite is properly removed from the subject's system by natural or other means.


  • It's rumored that kyrptonite (or rather, something similar) is used to form faimynite.