Captain Huggyface
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Captain Huggyface as seen in "Word Girl"


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James Adomian

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Brown fur, blue super-suit with insignia, red helmet and tights, yellow belt, diaper



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Captain Huggyface (or sometimes known by his alter ego, Bob) is the side-kick of Word Girl in the show of the same name. He was an air-force pilot on the planet Lexicon until he crash-landed on Earth with a young Word Girl, he was then adopted as a pet by Tim and Sally Botsford under the name Bob.


Unlike Word Girl, Captain Huggyface has no super powers, and often has to make his own way back when WordGirl forgets to carry him. He can't speak, but he is good at emoting, and only Word Girl can understand him perfectly.

He has a tremendous appetite and will eat almost anything, this often helps Word Girl in battles against villains such as the Butcher.

It is shown that Captain Huggyface has an older brother back on Lexicon in the episode "Chuck's Brother".

Weight Gain

Captain Huggyface has gained weight numerous times in the show, but only a select few are listed here.

The first time he ever did on-screen was in the short "Yes Sir, That's My Butcher" when he defeated the Butcher by eating all of his meat projectiles. The short itself can be seen here:

His biggest weight gain was in the episode "The Meaty Dimension" when he was trapped in a vast realm of meat, which is the source of the Butcher's power. Captain Huggyface ate everything in the dimension, rendering the Butcher powerless and causing Huggy to become very fat.