Caloberries are large, purple fruits that typically grow from trees. They are known to be addictive to certain organic life forms.


Caloberries are about the size of a small watermelon. They are a seedless fruit that are entirely edible, meaning it has not pit or core. The fruit itself has a soft and juicy consistency. The most distinguishable feature is its bright purple color.

If a humanoid consumes a Caloberry, they would either find it irresistibly delicious and form a mild addiction, or they would simply find the taste revolting. The criteria of who can be affected is strikingly similar to Faimynite.

As the name suggests, Caloberries contain a rather unnatural amount of calories and fat. Even just a daily intake of one Caloberry would result in substantial weight gain.

Caloberries usually grow from trees, but in some cases have been shown to grown on vines. The ones that grow from trees take a period of approximately one year to fully bloom and grow, in full contrast to the ones that grow on vines, which grow in a matter of seconds.