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Buster Baxter is the best friend of Arthur Read in the book and TV series "Arthur". He is an anthropomorphic rabbit that acts completely human, like the other characters on the show. He attends Lakewood Elementary along with his friends in Elwood City.


Buster is very easy-going and slightly odd. He has a strong belief in extraterrestrial life, even to the point of it being a near obsession. He suspects (or just merely hopes) any situation that seems slightly out of the ordinary to be the work of aliens. In addition to aliens, Buster is greatly fascinated by any and all science fiction. While he's steady with his school work, Buster often neglects to do his homework because he finds it boring or hard.

Buster is best friends with Arthur, whom he's known since they were very young. His parents are currently divorced and he lives with his mother, who is the head reporter of the Elwood City Times.

Another one of Buster's well known traits is his enormous appetite. He will often eat anything that's placed in front of him without complaining, even if other people find it disgusting or abnormal (such as dipping pickles in vanilla ice cream). Buster also has a slightly low sense of personal hygiene, an common example is eating food that's been on the ground.

Weight Gain


From "Binky Barnes Wingman"

Buster has so far only gained weight three times in the TV series. Each time was during a fantasy sequence.

During the introduction for "Binky Barnes Wingman" Arthur describes how people can get carried away with their interests, using Buster as the first example. Buster makes a large ice cream sundae and promptly eats it all, causing his belly to become very large in the process. Whether this actually happened or not is unknown, but it's likely that it did not.

Buster also gained weight in "The Long Dull Winter" during his description of a new holiday idea called "Give Me Candy Day". On "Give Me Candy Day" people would dress up in costumes, ring Buster's doorbell, and give him candy. And after eating all he can (to the point of him being very fat) Buster would share the rest of his candy with other children.

Buster also briefly gained weight during the dream sequence in "Buster's Garden of Grief" in which he became too distracted by an ice cream truck to work on the community garden. This is his smallest gain so far.