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The Jungle Book, Jungle Cubs, The Jungle Book 2


Phil Harris (The Jungle Book), Pamela Adlon (Jungle Cubs), John Goodman (The Jungle Book 2)

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Grey fur with lighter patches on face, stomach, and palms, brown nose, long claws



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Baloo is a popular Disney character and one of the main protagonists from the 1967 Disney film "The Jungle Book" and its sequel. He is a sloth bear and best friends with Mowgli. Even though he's not the main character of the film, Baloo has become the most popular Disney character from "The Jungle Book". He is voiced by Phil Harris in "The Jungle Book" and John Goodman in the sequel. He is also appears as a young cub in the TV spin-off, "Jungle Cubs", and is voiced by Pamela Adlon.


When he was a cub, he was shown to be good friends with King Louie when he was only a prince. This friendship was endangered when Baloo spent more time with another bear he recently meet. Both as a cub and a full grown bear, Baloo is lazy and laid back. He loves to dance and play games. He hates becoming upset and having to be strict. He also enjoys being around Mowgli, Baloo thinks of Mowgli as his son just as Mowgli thinks of Baloo as his father.

Weight Gain


Baloo after eating a lot of pears from the episode "Hulla Baloo".

Baloo did not gain weight in either of the movies, however he did briefly get bloated after eating pears with another bear while he was a cub in "Jungle Cubs" episode "Hulla Baloo". Which can be watched here:

Baloo also gained weight as an adult bear after eating large amounts of Caloberries in a fanfic by comicfan67 on The chapters of the story can be found here:

Another fanfic written by comicfan67 depicts Baloo gaining weight along with Mowgli and Ranjan. Both the fanfic and an illustration of it by mothman64 can be found here: